Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring is approaching

These last days I found some bodies of proof that spring is no more far away. In my greenhouse some orchids have already started new growth and  some are blooming. My cocoa tree has also started with new growth and perhaps I can expect some flowers in the next weeks. I also found few old fruits on my Myrmecodia echinata, I have missed the blooming days and also the opportunity to harvest fresh seeds.

In the cold house all the proteas and bankias are training their engines to start quickly with new growth. Regarding proteas I missed the opportunity to take some pictures of Protea burchelli and Protea punctata.
In my veranda, after years of patience, my first grafted Avocado Brogdon (by myself) is decorated with hundreds of flower buds. I have also a small Casimiroa edulis that started blooming this year for  the second time (I have no clue about the cultivar).
Also some bulbs have started growing. Tecophilaea cyanocrocus in my cold frames are already blooming, outside they timidly sprout between the gravel.
Not only plants are "resuscitated", also a huge variety of pests enjoy the nice weather!

Cymbidium insigne subsp. insigne.

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus.

Phaseolus caracalla seeds. Four months to ripen!


Persea americana Brogdon.


Casimiroa edulis.

redspider web and (not in focus) mealybugs on resting Erythrina humeana.