Friday, April 13, 2012

Laeliocattleya BLUE BOY x Laelia purpurata WERKHAUSERII

I have just few Cattleya hybrids. I prefer species, buth this one had irresistible colours!

Sowing a new generation

I'm working a lot these months, but I try to have some time for my passion. So I ordered in December/January some seeds from South Africa and other regions with Mediterranean like climate. The most important point is to known for the single species if the seeds require special treatment before sowing (or even after sowing) or not. Several species require smoke treatment, and even more species require after sowing changing night/day temperatures with at least 8°C difference.
It is important to note exactly what you do (e.g. sowing time, seeds treatments, sowing medium) and also the results in order to progress from year to year.