Sunday, December 22, 2013

Just before Winter cold will break my dreams...

This December weather is quite mild and we have experienced just a couple of days with -1°C during the night.

View of one "Australian" border with new plants (Spring 2013)

This Spring I transformed a corner of an Australian border. I lost two years ago some Banksia and other Australian species, so I had space to fill with new species. Between new Banksia I planted a small Anigozanthus hybrid. I was not performing a special display until september. It than started to grow and bloom like no other that I ever cultivated.  For sure it will die with our winter temperatures, but let's see and at the moment I have this nice display for Christmas time!

Banksia canei fruit. 

My "old" Banksia canei dies least summer aged 16. I'm not quite sure that this is a normal age to die for a Banksia, but our climate conditions hare fare not so similar with Australian weather... I hope that some of the seed will be viable and germinate next spring.

Sterile seeds from Mutisia subulata
Some Mutisia, and I'm now in South America, are performing quite well in my garden, still as is known for these species most of the seed are sterile. Propagation is successfull using cuttings.

Clematis balearica from Mallorca

Last November I visited Mallorca for a couple of days. Mallorca is more interesting to visit in early winter and spring than in summer (the number of tourists is also significant reduced!). One of the species blooming in winter is Clematis balearica. Miles of walls are nicely covered by this climber. In my garden it climb on a  pomegranate.  If you visit Mallora do not miss the Botanical garden of Soller, an hotspot!! (

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Keep green fingers and enjoy Christmas

This is the Christmas tree from the small community Cugnasco-Gerra in Southern Switzerland. The Children and their Teachers from the local school did an excellent job. In the center you may recognize a young linden tree that gives the name at the restyled square.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring is approaching

These last days I found some bodies of proof that spring is no more far away. In my greenhouse some orchids have already started new growth and  some are blooming. My cocoa tree has also started with new growth and perhaps I can expect some flowers in the next weeks. I also found few old fruits on my Myrmecodia echinata, I have missed the blooming days and also the opportunity to harvest fresh seeds.

In the cold house all the proteas and bankias are training their engines to start quickly with new growth. Regarding proteas I missed the opportunity to take some pictures of Protea burchelli and Protea punctata.
In my veranda, after years of patience, my first grafted Avocado Brogdon (by myself) is decorated with hundreds of flower buds. I have also a small Casimiroa edulis that started blooming this year for  the second time (I have no clue about the cultivar).
Also some bulbs have started growing. Tecophilaea cyanocrocus in my cold frames are already blooming, outside they timidly sprout between the gravel.
Not only plants are "resuscitated", also a huge variety of pests enjoy the nice weather!

Cymbidium insigne subsp. insigne.

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus.

Phaseolus caracalla seeds. Four months to ripen!


Persea americana Brogdon.


Casimiroa edulis.

redspider web and (not in focus) mealybugs on resting Erythrina humeana.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Prosit Neu Jahr from Vienna!

No, unfortunately I'm not in Vienna. I'm listening to ( and watching!) the New Year's Day concert form Vienna. A tradition for us. I'm also cooking and blogging..... And I'd also time this morning to take a couple of pictures.

This is a flower of Camellia japonica cultivar "Ascona", former name "Contra". The latter is the name of the small Town where I'm coming from, but due to the fact that Ascona is well-known (at least in Europe), they renamed the cultivar... If the weather is favorable, still unusual for a japonica cultivar, the flowering period begin as early as end of November through April-May.

The flowers after 2-3 weeks are full opened and due to the could temperature they also  unterwent a nice discoloration.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2013!